Local Marketing Consultant

David Ingram


Guiding Your Brand to Local Success

David Ingram is a local marketing consultant who has worked in a multitide of marketing industries, both local and worldwide. Honing his local marketing skills as a marketing director in real estate and retail, David Ingram is one of the premier local consultants in the Southwest United States. From Local SEO to Technical SEO, from MarTech Stacks to Marketing Strategy, David will undoubtedly help grow business in the local market. 

Combining traditional marketing strategies with local marketing tactics backed by a growth hacking mindset, David will bring the knowledge, skill, and ability to grow any business vertical in any local market.

Local Business

Any local business can benefit from local marketing tactics. Retail stores, medical professionals, bars, car lots, and even services like mechanics, housecleaners, and more all candidates for local growth. 

If your goal is to gain local brand salience, gain more clients, and create more revenue, then contact David to develop and execute a solid strategy.


From mom and pop to fine dining, grow your customer base, win awards, and become a hotspot.

Real Estate

Real Estate is the where local marketing shines, both in client acquisiton and selling homes.

Local Marketing 101


Local Checklist

  • Create Buyer Persona
  • Create Google My Business 
  • Create Social Media Pages
  • Create Website
  • Gather Reviews
  • Build MarTech Stack
  • Develop Ad Strategy
  • Host Local Event
  • Track and Analyze





Riverside, CA


Available: 9am - 3pm

à la Carte

Pay Per Hour

Best for when you just need someone to jump in and help out with some major problems or assist your current marketers with big campagins. 


Cheaper than à la carte

High David for a week at a time to ensure that marketing grow is constant and changes are being tracked most effectively. 


Discounts for Monthly

The best way to handle business, hire David for a full month, or many, to set a solid plan and execute it over time, ultimately leading to huge growth.