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Child Custody

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Child Support

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Domestic Violence

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Fathers Rights

When it comes to parents and children, parents have the unalienable legal right to have a relationship with their children. Our firm proudly serves fathers and their family law needs in Divorce, Custody, and other Family Court Matters.

We’ve Helped Hundreds of Men and Fathers Get Justice

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Why Hire Reel Fathers Rights

There are many benefits of hiring a law firm when it comes to fathers’ rights. Here are some of the most important ones:



Reel Fathers Rights has a combined experience of XX years. Making our team indepesible on a case.


Everyone needs someone in their corner at the hardest stage of their life, let us be in your corner!

Objective Advice

Unbiased professional advice is undoubtedly the most important asset to fight your case.


Don’t let yourself, your children, or your assets go unprotected and subject to further troubles.

Peace of Mind

The best reason to hire a lawyer, knowing that your are in good hands and someone is fighting for your justice.

We Literally Wrote the Book on Fathers Rights

How to navigate the family court system, keep your happiness, and get the justice you deserve.

Author and Reel Fathers Rights CEO, Mark Reel Jr has devoted his career and life to helping men and fathers navigate some of the toughest times of their lives. His practice focuses exclusively on Family Law, limited exclusively to Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support and Domestic Violence throughout Southern California. Since founding Reel Fathers Rights, Mark has quickly developed a reputation nationally as one of the most well-known and fierce advocates for fathers in Southern California. Mark strives to provide effective, quality legal representation for men with a focus on building strong personal relationships to help guide men through the most challenging times.

“I had been struggling to see my daugher because her mom was not allowing me to see her…Mark Reel and Reel Fathers Rights really helped me get my daughter back.”

Eduardo V.

Riverside, CA

“I would highly recommend hiring Mark & Reel Fathers Rights to help you with your divorce or child custody needs. He is extremely knowledgeable in family law matters & is a geat communicator”

Trevor F.

Riverside, CA

“I cannot emphasize enough…if you are a father in need of help in your child custody matter, you need to work with Mark. Absolutely the best attorney around. He will get you the results you need!”

Carl M

Riverside, CA