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Child Custody

Fathers have the same rights as mothers when it comes to child custody cases. The courts will consider the best interests of the child when making a decision.

Child Support

Child support lawyers offer child support services including establishment, modification, and enforcement of child support orders.


Many men feel that they don’t need an attorney during a divorce because they aren’t the one who is filing for the divorce, but this is incorect, all partied need an attorney.

Domestic Violence

If you’re a man who’s been the victim of domestic violence, you need an experienced lawyer on your side.

Why Hire Reel Fathers Rights

At Reel Fathers Rights APC, we focus solely on representing fathers in Southern California Family Law Courts. We understand the potential risks involved for fathers in a divorce, child custody, or other family law matters and take the job of protecting our clients and their children’s best interests very seriously.

We Fight for Fathers


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We Literally Wrote the Book on Fathers Rights

Undeniably one of the best resources for fathers needing to navigate the legal landscape of family court. This book with, along with a good family law attorney, like Reel Fathers Rights, will be the best solution to ensure that you get the justice that you need and deserve.

Real fathers rights is very professional there upfront with you and no hidden costs. The intake from Jesse was amazing, professional accurate, and really made you feel you’re at the right place…

Mike B.

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Easy to work with, True Advocate for Fathers…The entire staff has been great. They are kind and responsive, yet completely honest with me. We are not done yet, but my case has come such a long way since I retained the team at Reel Fathers Rights!


If you are going through a child custody as a father I highly recommend using this law firm to have your back. My appointed attorney is Shannon Wright and she has been the absolute best. She got me a lot more time than the mother wanted me and is extremely helpful sorting out child support.

Gabriel G.

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Let’s Get You Justice

Do men need a divorce attorney if they aren't the one who filed?

Absolutely, it is extremely important that men have someone fighting for their rights when a divorce has been filed. Whether you want to get a divorce or not, you will be involved in a legal battle, having an expert family law attorney that not only focus on, but live for, mens rights, is your best course of action.

Will the court side with my child's mother?

No, the courts no longer automatically side with the mother. The family court understands that both parents are important in a childs life, but unfortunely sometimes, the mother is not the best parent for majority custody. The court will determine the best parent during custody.

Why did Mark Reel Jr. start Reel Fathers Rights APC

After going through his own father’s rights struggle, Mark found his passion and turned back to the law and founded Reel Fathers Rights APC, a law firm devoted to helping men navigate the California Family Law Courts.

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